Creative Planning Workshop with National Book Store



Hi again, Lovelies!

Last December 17, 2017, I had a chance to attend the National Book Store’s Creative Planning Workshop held at Glorietta 1.
Together with my planner sister, Mai, we got there before the registration started. I couldn’t help but felt giddy every time I join this kind of event. It was also so nice to see new faces around.




Sharing a messy but happy table with Rhea (@rheaplannerista) and Mai (@_meowyan_)


Here’s Ms. Kimberly Ching doodling on her planner



Kimberly Ching did a demo on bullet journaling. Her doodles are so cute! And! She drew lines effortlessly. She used marker straight away! I was amazed! I couldn’t even do it myself without sketching the lines with a pencil first.

I guess, with bullet journaling, it makes planning a lot more effective. After all, that’s what we intend in planning, right?








Ms. Liona Chinky, teaching us how to properly place paper cutouts as embellishments on a card stock



Prettifying dashboard planner can be a challenge, sometimes, but not anymore! Thanks to Liona’s tips on using decorative papers, embellishments, and washi tapes!

One of the many things I learned from her is that MT Masking tape, can easily peel off even after you mistakenly put it somewhere you don’t intend to.  So you can still use it and it’ll still be sticky the second time. So hoard, girl! Hoard! Kiddin’!

Saying I was happy to see her is definitely an understatement! Fangirl mode on!









Final layout design of Liona’s demo. Look how pretty it is!



Ms. Nicole Lopez’s memory planning demo



We all know that planning can help us remember our tasks on the day, but it surely also helps us remember even the events in our lives.

As Nicole Lopez shared, it pays off to put dates at the back of the pictures we plan to include on our planner.  That, I thought, was very helpful. You can collect the pictures first and later place them on the particular date.









Ms. Eraizza Reyes on Week Spread Creative Planning





This is also something I was looking forward to learn more, since I always do designs on my week spread.

I felt I’d be more effective in doing my week spread after her demo.








Creative doodling by Drea Dela Cruz



My biggest takeaway from her was to not use pencil when doodling because as she said, doodling doesn’t need to be perfect. A big nod on that!

One more thing she said that we all need to put in mind: You don’t have to buy expensive materials.












All in all, I enjoyed attending the event despite not getting any prize from the raffle. Lol It was fun meeting everyone and I felt thankful for all the new things I learned. Thank you so much to all who generously shared their talent and tips on creative planning.

It was another successful event from National Bookstore. I’m sure participants on the event would find their next creative planning a lot easier.

How about you Lovelies? Did you also attend the workshop? Share your insights about the event on the comment section and share the upcoming planner events you’ll be attending.


See you around!


Keep on crafting,







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