Hi there, lovelies! How’s your holiday? As we welcome New Year, most of us think of our 2018 goals, events to attend, parties to celebrate, and everything that is bound to happen this year. We all have the feeling of excitement as to what this year would bring us. And for planner for planner people like us, one thing we spontaneously do is to find the best planner that suits us.

Mantra of the year:

“Explore. Don’t be afraid to take risks.”

And I think I found one! With my 2018 mantra, I’m sure this planner will guide me all the way. Thanks to Craftogether event, I was one of the lucky winners to receive DYL: Back to Basics Planner. This is the first time I’ll be using this planner so I hope you join me in this blog as I check out its design and features.


Here are the complete specs and features of C&S DESIGNS’s DYL: Back to Basics Planner:

You can also check the inspiring story of C&S DESIGNS on how they have created this wonderful planner. It’s truly worth reading as you realize there’s so much in store for us when we pursue our passion. Click here.





COVER. I love that it has a thick cover and round edges. It feels sturdy and surely hard to crumple. That gives me the idea of painting the front cover and putting some mixed media collage. Or maybe I can also place my favorite quotes to keep myself motivated. For now, let me keep it as it is, but soon, I will customize the cover because at the end of the day, that’s part of designing your life, right? Stay tuned!








PLANNER RING. It has a black 15pc metal rings, approximately 2.8 cm each in size. It’s tough enough to hold all the pages.








POCKET WITH STICKER. Oooh! Look at that! Yeeees! It also includes one sheet of stickers (emoticon, icons and wordings) placed in its double sided white glossy no-tear pocket. Material of this pocket according to their website.


“..material is either synthetic (no-tear) or thick cardstock– they will be chosen at random.”


Other accessories you can buy for your planner from their website include: sticker sheets, extra pages, double-sided pockets, Design Your LifeⓇ Washi Tapes, and even pens. Click here.


Here’s how I set up mine. Featuring @imprints.ivy and @rainbowpapeterie






PROFILE. In case this lovely planner would get lost or anything happens, someone can possibly return this to me if I add my personal information. For emergency situations, I opt to fill out hotline numbers, medical information and other personal contacts.





THE MANUAL. To guide us on how to use the planner, it’s equipped with a manual for us to use or not. Again, it’s up to us how we design our planner (and our lives).



CALENDAR. It’s easier to mark important dates to remember with its whole spread calendar outline!




LISTS. This is another added feature of this planner. This means more space for your BuJo codes, tasks, things to-buy and even your bucket list.










LAST TIME. This is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve already stamped out some icons that represent hair treatment, spa/massage, movie date, etc.









MONTHLIES. A monthly task you need to keep in mind? Here’s the best way to track it down.









MONTHLY SPREAD. Here’s how I setup this monthly spread. Look how spacious this is! Each box measures approximately 3.4 (H) x 1.2 (L) cm. More room for that doodle-a-day challenge (wink) or any background you want to add. Each month has a different color theme. Also, C&S DESIGNS said that most full box sticker can fit to this. It has also three lined space to write your mantra for the month and a mini calendar at the top from previous and the next month ahead. Don’t forget to also write your goal for the month!



WEEKLY SPREAD. To be honest, I am not a vertical-spread fan. I have tried it once on my ring bind planner but switch back instantly to horizontal spread. Now, I’m going to start trying vertical spread again with this planner, so here it goes!


Every spread comes with a motivational quote to keep us pumped up.


Another thing I love about this planner is that it has a water intake tracker. I used to include this in my daily spread so with this designated space, it saves me more space to write and design. It has also a small circle on top of every column. Here’s how you can use this according to CNS DESIGNS,

“Keep track of daily routines, challenges, moods, or even the weather. Check it off, write/ draw, or do whatever you want.”


Don’t forget to write your power word and goal for this week.


Vertical Spread. This weekly spread starts on Monday. Each column is divided into three parts with a dash lines. Each box measures approximately: 4.74 (H) x 3.8 (L) cm. It also has a space for your most important task, noteworthy and a month in a glance. According to CNS DESIGNS,

“You can use this to categorize your task, events or time in general”


Here’s how I used mine.




I used one part of the column to track my meals, the other part to jot down my tasks and I leave the last column for other tasks or maybe I can put a design or quote of the day.

















There are also additional bullets for you to fill out any list that comes to your mind. It can be additional tasks or even something you’re grateful for.










Please remember that this is not a watercolor paper. Although the paper is about 100gsm, it can tolerate dry watercolor brush technique. I also used Black Stamp Pad from Fiskars Fuse Creative System and yet it didn’t bleed.



Stickers: @imprints.ivy and @rainbowpapeterie

Stamps: Mommy Lhey Stamps  and Hammy Creates Stamps from Artisan MNL

Stencils: The Crafter’s Workshop Mini Textured and Mini Well Rounded Stencil available at  The Yellow Violet House or Lasting Impression

Ink Pads: Distress Ink in  Evergreen Bough, and Fiskars Fuse Stamp Pad in Black




EXPENSE TRACKER. What another way to save is of course to track all your expenses so you know when and where to spend and splurge! At the end of each month, it has this expense tracker that is much useful especially to a crafter and mother like me. Please take a look on how you can use this. You can also copy this at the Cash Flow Page.


2019 Planner: 2019 in a glance: Wow! You can already plan for the next year! Awesome!


Cash Flow: Happy saving everyone!



PROJECT KEEPER. Now, this comes handy on all of my MTOs, crafting projects and even in my mommy duties. Plan your projects by tracking when you started and when it is done. You can even put some important notes on the side.


All you lovelies! It’s such a nice reminder for us to live a well-balanced life! So don’t forget to track your hours of sleep.



TRAVEL CHECKLIST. Write down what to research, what to do and what to bring before you travel.  Another functional part of this planner for forgetful moms like me especially if you’re traveling with kids.


Travel Planner. This 3-page travel planner can help you enjoy all your travels even more




NOTE PAGES. Enjoy this 10-page dotted note pages for all your doodling, lettering or calligraphy, poem and even brain dump. Whatever you like! Besides this is your planner. As CNS DESIGNS said it,

“Your planner, your system.”








I love the design and the functionality of this planner. It shows how much passion and effort the team put to make this planner pretty and effective at the same time.

Some planners have nice design but not so functional and other have very functional features but not so pretty. With DYL: Back to Basics planner, though, it’s really the combination of design and function that stood out.

Let’s see how it will turn out. With my clumsiness, I hope I won’t tear the ring side of this planner. So far, that’s the only and main concern I have.



A transparent cover on the planner might be useful to prevent it from dirt or getting folded especially if you’re a clumsy like me.

I will update you every now and then on how I decorate this planner! I’m both anxious and excited to start, but let’s be reminded that with every plan we have, we should also take action! So bye for now, let me do my own stuff!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any.




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