BDJ Power Planner (Smythe) Review + Plan With Me Video

Last time, I shared how I got into journaling and I had been wondering then where I can find a planner that would give me a soft nudge to do the tasks that are needed to be done.

Then, I found Belle de Jour Power Planner – my first planner that kept me inspired all year long. Thanks to their vision of empowering young Filipinas, I was on track of my #lifegoals.






Luckily, I was one of the South Bellas who was given a chance to attend the BDJ Women’s Summit, thanks to their free pass for the first 30 to register. As one of the early comers, I took the chance to get their free BDJ Power Planner from Sun Life’s booth.

2018 BDJ Power Planner is still up for grabs and if you want to get one, visit their online store HERE.



I love the consistency of their design. BDJ always sticks to its core value – women empowerment. So it’s not surprising to see a very lovely woman on their front cover. So chic!

It’s sturdy but compared to their 2010 and 2011, it became a little smaller. I think it’s much better because it’s handier and much easier to carry anywhere. It will definitely fit in any bag so bringing it along with you is no problem.



Personal Information. Starting from the basic – the personal information page. It’s always nice to write these down so someone can contact you in case you misplace it.



This spread acts as a divider, but you can also personalize this. Doodle, draw, do anything you want.



This page comes with the introduction of the theme for 2018 – I am a Beauty of One.



The inspiring creator of BDJ never fails to give her personal message to BDJ Power Planner owners. It’s very touching to see how BDJ community gets bigger.



How to’s and a tour on your BDJ Power Planner for an effective planning. With this guide, you can surely maximize your planner.



As they say, goals are only a dream when you simply think of it, but not when you make a list – the first step in actualizing your dreams. This is definitely a must-have. I’m glad there are several categories from relationship to environment.

The creative mood tracker is also on this sheet. The dreamcatcher won’t definitely complain, whether you’re happy, sad, or angry. Pour out your emotions in here.


Dream board. This is my personal favorite! It’s a good exercise to do every day to visualize your dreams in this board.



2018 Checklist. Challenge yourself and explore things you’ve never tried with this list! Not sure if I can tick everything off, but will definitely tick some!



Live Your Story. Knowing your own self is very important and even the most fundamental thing we should aim for. Thanks to this “Live Your Story” page, we are given a guide to dig deeper and check how we see our present selves and how we want our story for 2018 to go.



Ikigai. Maybe you’ve heard the line, “Para kanino ka bumabangon?” from TV ads. The idea is similar to Ikigai. It will define your objectives and believe in life’s limitless possibilities.



The Beauty of One. This sort-of mind map will strengthen you up and will help you prepare for the battle. It will help you review and solidify your foundation by defining yourself. It also helps you look back how you overcame your challenges, and what challenges this year you’ll try to conquer.



Moments to Remember. Cute and lovely frames for all those unforgettable events this year.



Menstrual Tracker. Yes, this one’s my favorite, too!



My Perfect Fit. A brief advice from Wacoal on how to pair the right kind of bra. Nice info!



Let Your Feather Soar. At times when you feel down, it’s good to keep this page handy to help yourself cheer up.



Monthly Worksheet. To give your brain a little exercise, there’s a short worksheet to do.



Monthly Spread, This Month’s events and Freedom Space. This spread comes with My Good Habit tracker, too! Very functional! It’s nice to have everything on one spread!



Weekly Spread. Whether you’re a time schedule planner or free space planner, this spread is versatile.

Weekly Affirmations. The weekly quotes and even the answers from fellow Bellas to “I will find the beauty of my individuality by” are both motivating.

You can also list all your goal, tasks and personal errands or things you’re grateful for at the top of the spread. The most important task (MIT) is also on the top of each day, so you remember your priority on the day. And at the bottom page, just jot down your random thoughts, doodle, or even your quote of the day. Do whatever you like on that space. As what BDJ says, own this space.



The 2018 Version of Me. This page is the least I want to fill up yet but I guess it keeps me curious as to what I would write at the end of the year. This planner will definitely help me make a small step every day towards the 2018 version of me that I want to achieve.

Bills tracker. You can also track down expenses for each month.



Cash Flow Tracker. They also designated spreads for monitoring your cash flow.



Emergency Information. In case of emergency, you can refer to this page. Add more information like hospital details, medical and auto insurance, and even your emergency kit items.



Year in a glance. Last page includes the years 2018 and 2019 calendars.



Pocket at the back. Every BDJ comes with a booklet of coupons, a BDJ Lifestyle Card, and a set of stickers. All of them are in the pocket at the back, but you can definitely add some more papers inside.

Ribbon Page Marker. A pink and a blue ribbon go together to serve bookmarkers.

Garter. You also have the option to use garter to close up your planner.


Overall Impression:

I really like the 2018 BDJ Power planner. It’s very handy and will keep you company with its worksheets and inspirational quotes. It gives you guidance, but lets you “own” it, too. This planner is very empowering; it indeed stays true to its mission.

What I really appreciate the most about BDJ is how it built up a community and gives empowerment to people. So BDJ is more than just a planner, it’s a movement. Kudos, BDJ Team!


To end this blog, let me share you my BDJ Power Planner spread for this week.



I am in awe the moment my brush glided to its paper. I can really add watercolor on my background, without tearing the paper nor bleeding it! Yay! Just remember to use less water since it’s not a watercolor paper. Also, I can use my brush pens with this planner.  Woohoo! Also, it’s safe to remove the stickers because the paper doesn’t get easily torn. 🙂

I’m so excited to fill up my 2018 BDJ Power planner! Please watch my “Plan with Me” video below or click here. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe! 🙂

So among the features of your BDJ planner, what’s your favorite?

Thank you for sharing your time with me reading my blog!





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