SM Stationery Art Fest 2018


Hi again, lovelies! Summer has already started! Yay! Don’t you love it when you have all the time to spend with your family and friends. What’s more perfect timing to have is the SM Stationery Art Fest this weekend. Whether you’re an art lover or just want to spend some creative fun and learn something new, then this is for you!

Last Thursday, I was one of the lucky girls who was invited, through Calligramommies, to witness the launch of SM Stationery Art Fest. It was a great opportunity which you too won’t want to miss. Art Fest, which is now on its 3rd year, is held at G/F Concourse, SM Makati from April 11 to April 15.

Here are some more reasons why you should visit SM Stationery Art Fest this weekend!

Fun booth activities from well-known brands.



Look at how cute these stationery items are!



Frixion Pens and Juice Gel Ink Pens from Pilot has been so famous to Planner Girls lately. Grab yours to know why!



Very affordable yet superb quality calligraphy and watercolor tools from Tokyo Finds! There are a lot of selections that you can choose from.




I really have to grab that mint color brush pens! 🙂




Have fun with clay! This is a great play-activity for kids and kids at heart!



Create your own ‘Personalized Notebook’ with IFEX booth! Now, this is something that you won’t want to miss. It is not everyday that you can find this offer. So if I were you, I”ll grab this chance.




Enjoy coloring this lovely floral- patterned monogram from Faber Castell. This is something you’ll never get tired of doing! So relaxing!



Make your own glow in the dark slime or even add glitters, beads, sequins etc! Don’t stop at one. Just go try them all and satisfy your heart out!



From Fineliner Pen, Metallic Markers to Brush Markers, Artline got you!


Unique set of classes by renowned artists.

Get inspired and unlock your creative side from the dedicated presentation and knowledge sharing workshops from these great artists. If you don’t have any materials yet, don’t fret! These generous brands, mentioned above, will provide materials that you need during each session.


Here’s how to join:



Brush Pen Calligraphy by Carl Chua of Pilot


I’m always in awe every time I see the Masters in Calligraphy! I know I still got a lot to learn that’s why it’s really nice to refresh my knowledge about Brush Pen Calligraphy.



Here’s Script Lettering with a modern twist by Paolo Tugano of IFEX. He is the former president of Guhit Pinas Calligraphers (GPC) so don’t miss this chance to be enlightened!



I also got a chance to try this Winsor and Newton Brush Marker. Everytime I get hold of these, I can’t resist to write and do more florals.



Oriental Pattern Collage by Ian de Jesus of Dong- A

 I’ve learned another way to decorate my planners! It’s satisfyingly relaxing to keep doing those patterns after patterns!



Glowy Slime Time! by Teacher Jill of Elmers

Remember that feeling when you where a kid and get to take home a new toy from the store? OH YEAH! That’s exactly what I felt when I got a chance to take home this slime for me and my kids! Me MOSTLY! Hahaha!


Basics on Psychedelic Art by Evanna Chan of Sakura

Again, another new kind of arts for me! I find this really awesome and out of the box. Creativity just keeps flowing from the instructor. It is simply amazing and a unique art. This is something new that I will be hooked with. Definitely!



Watercolor Nightscapes by Avin del Rosario of Tokyo Finds

And here’s a sample of my work from the workshop. This is one of my favorite things to do with watercolor, painting galaxies but still need more practice though


Meet new friends with the same passion!

What other place to meet new people who share your interest. SM Art Fest is a venue to get in touch with individuals who share same idea and excitement as you are.  Enjoy exclusive offers available only at the event. This is open for all kids and kids-at-heart with love for arts and craft. Make it the best GT this summer to learn and have fun!!!

So there it is! What a wonderful summer day very well spent. I just had to share it with you so you can go and visit there this weekend! The combination of art, fun and learning time made it all worthwhile! See you there!





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