BDJ Discbound Planner 2019 Review + Flip Through Video



This year, BDJ made yet another inspiring theme, “Make Today magical”. As the BDJ Founder, Ms. Dar noted on her introductory message, “What if – what if everything you touch turns to magic? What will you touch? What will you do, starting today?”


And boom!
That was powerful.



Last year, their theme was “I am a Beauty of One” and in 2017, “Trust Your Heart To Overcome The Waves”. And it always feel special that BDJ Planner is more than just a planner. It’s indeed a Power Planner.



The 2019 BDJ Power Planner has four different types – BDJ Classic, BDJ Limited Edition, BDJ Leather, and BDJ DiscBound. For this blog, I’ll be reviewing the latter.


Let’s start off with the special pages inside the planner.


2019 Goals Page – Jotting them down on a paper is a great help in making your goals a reality!


My Mood Meter – A coloring sheet according to your mood. It’s a fun way to track your emotion.


Dream Board – Here, you can do anything that resonates your vision for the year, or for your life, in general.  Shown above is the photo of my own vision board! They all represent my dreams and aspirations, the affirmations I tell myself, and the overall vibe I want to feel for this 2019.


2019 Checklist – For your self, travel, health and fitness, finance, and other #lifegoals.


Find Your Spiritual Animal – Discover your personalities in line with your spiritual animal.


Ikigai – this is one of my favorites and it’s good that they put this exercise again and again so I can revisit my thoughts on the things that I love, that I’m good at, that the world needs, that you can be paid for, and everything that comes in between.


Make Your Year Magical – Some exercises for you to get reminded of the what makes you feel empowered and magical.


Attitude of Gratitude – Showing our gratitude to others is important and this exercise will help you in that!

Simple Acts of Kindness – An exercise for you to think of what activities you can do to show your care for others. Because being kind is a mindful act.


Travel Mood Page (by Wacoal) – A Wacoal Mood Ph’s online contest. Submission of entries is until May 31.


Bills and Cash Flow Tracker – Track your spending habit with the monthly page tracker.



Mentsrual Tracker – A constant BDJ page for that time of the month, which includes monthly notes and cycle length tracker.


The planner also contains:



Monthly Tools (Monthly Workbook, My Good Habit, This Month’s Events, FREEDOM Space



The weekly spreadsheet is packed with a lot of sections:


MIT – BDJ’s trademark. This MIT is very practical, really makes sense because the most important task should only be just one, period.

Weekly Affirmations – Weekly quote to empower you throughout the week


#THISWEEKIWILL – List of work-related stuff you want to accomplish


#BDJMAKEITHAPPEN – You can list here your main task you need to accomplish for your personal projects – a one step forward to your dream.


Personal Errands – Need to go out to pay for your bills or do grocery? Write them here.


This Week’s List of – This is a space for you to come up with your own list of anything.


#ThisWeekImTHANKFULfor – A great way to count your blessings!


Personal Lists – This is also a freedom space for you. You can jot down anything here.




This special BDJ DiscBound has a disc that holds all the planner pages, even the cover. That was really a genius. It’s so perfect for creative planning and for whatever use it may serve you. I’m sure other Bellas also love this feature!


When you thought that was it, look at what the back cover has to offer. It has a gold stretchable strap, which you can use (or not) to wrap around the covers and keep everything intact.


Also, the back cover has a mini sort of pouch where you can put some sheets of paper, or better yet, your booklet of discount coupons and your BDJ Power Planner Lifestyle Card 2019.


Having mentioned the booklet, you can see how so “sulit” this planner is. Inside this mini notebook, you are given  50 coupons in total. When you used all coupons and when you keep with you the receipts and coupon stubs, it will give you a chance to get two FREE planners when you use everything up within September 30, 2019. In any case, if you’ve used at least 40 coupons before the deadline, you’re entitled to get 1 FREE planner. 35 coupons and 30, on the other hand, are 20% and 10% off on your next year’s planner, respectively. Not bad at all.

Also, the BDJ Power Planner Lifestyle Card 2019 gives you a chance to access BDJ events and additional promos year-round! Awesome!


The planner also comes with a floral magnetic bookmark. So cute!


As usual, the paper used for BDJ Power planner was thick enough to hold thick line of ink and presumably, watercolor, too, which needs to be tested out.

In summary, BDJ Power Planner just wowed me over and over again. This planner is suitable to anyone. From creative journal, memory keeping or even to those who want to keep things simple, I’m sure, you’ll find this planner truly helpful. Having this planner makes me feel the magic has already  transpired. Our plans won’t become a reality without us doing it, but thanks to BDJ Power Planner, I feel like I have a useful guide to actualize my dreams. And yes, I think I just turned my BDJ Power Planner into a magic and who knows, everything I write on it will become a magic, too! Thanks BDJ! Thanks for reminding us of the magic of believing!

And also, check out the flip-through video below!


BDJ has been very generous to collaborate with me and so it’s my chance to pay it forward. I’m running a giveaway on my page. Kindly check out the instructions on how to join.


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