Casa Corazon Resort Events Place Mini Bridal fair and Grand Food Tasting



Saying “Yes!” to your partner’s proposal is just half the story of your soon-to-wed days. Getting married requires a lot of decisions to make, from the motif to the best bridal gown. It’s a no-joke. You want to make sure your big day turns out as planned.

That’s what Casa Corazon Resort Events Place is here for. This coming May 4, Saturday, 2pm to 6pm, they will be organizing a Mini Bridal Fair. Not only will they flaunt the different theme setups, they will also help you find your wedding ball gown design. Free trial make up is also available!

It’ll surely be a lot of fun! Freebies and other prices are waiting for those who will book on the spot.

So what are you waiting for. Register now!

Contact Casa Corazon Events Place  through the following:

0925.389.2888; 0917.450.1887
IG: @cateringmeer




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