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We all know that as a mother, makeup routine can sometimes be an impossible especially when you are trying to keep things together in your house and there just seems to be too much on your plate.  Though I skip makeup from time to time, skincare for me is a priority, especially for those days I rely on my bare skin alone!



Diana Stalder is just right on time as I venture on my own Balik Alindog Program! Hahaha! I am so excited as I join them in their Beauty Biz Momma Launch at their clinic at SM Calamba last Wednesday, May 29.

Their signature treatment, FACIAL SUPREME’s ULTIMATE 15- STEP THERAPY, is the strong foundation of Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc’s 15 years of success existence. It’s personally delivered by the hands of their professional aesthetician experts, vigorously trained under the prestigious British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) Standards.

Source: Diana Stalder

When I got there, a warm smile and greetings from their staff and Ms. Diana Stalder herself, welcomed me, as well as this, healthy guilt-free sumptuous food all the way from their dS Cafe Megamall and Gateway branch.



After our meal, the program started by introducing ourselves. It was nice meeting fellow bloggers with different niche and background.


Here’s M.s Diana Stalder sharing her stories, how she started and what services she currently offers.

Skin analysis is also a part of our activity on that day. It was my first time to experience this. I honestly think that my skin type is oily but alas, it’s dry to medium. They explained not because we think our outer skin layer is oily, then our skin type is oily. Instead, skin analysis requires further testing besides just the oil we see on our face.

I think this point is very important. Most of us, myself included, usually use any kind of products in the market without considering our skin type. This is a good reminder that facial products that we use should match our skin type. Good thing they provide free skin analysis. That is definitely a-must!



This beauty kit from Ms. Diana Stalder is definitely the most essential beauty products we all need right now. Let’s check out each of the items below:



I also won on their giveaway! Ms. Diana Stalder herself was so generous. I’ll try to review their products soon so watch out for that! Thank you so much once again!




To know more on how to be a Beauty Bizz Momma, read the mechanics below:


Thanks Diana Stalder! Thank you for taking care of Filipina beauties!


There sure are a lot of beauty products out there and definitely Diane Stalder is something you should consider. So get your skin checked now and use their products too!

For more details, please visit their website here or show them some love on their Facebook Page and Instagram Account.




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