Mr Big’s Ergonomic Comfort Pillow


After giving birth, I honestly had a discomfort on my back whenever I sleep. Even though I have enough sleep already, it would always feel like I’m tired. So whenever I have time and budget, I make sure I get a whole body massage on a spa once in a while. But having a massage really does not solve my problem. The discomfort still remains the next day after. I would always feel dissatisfied with my sleep, not until I met Mr. Big Pillows.



Let me introduce to you Mr. Big, Thailand’s popular brand of pillows and mattresses. Mr. Big has been in the Philippines since last year so I’m sure you’ll get to meet Mr. Big anytime soon.



I felt like everything just made sense when I was invited to attend the launch of Mr. Big at the SMX Convention Center last month. I felt that instant chemistry with Mr. Big. Seriously, I learned a lot as they made a talk about sleeping positions and the wide variety of Mr. Big that suits your sleeping needs. From the discussion, we learned that in every sleeping position, there’s a particular pillow we need to use. No wonder why I couldn’t sleep well at night. This Mr. Big Pillow is really something you definitely need to have a good night sleep.



Mr. Big is designed by a physical therapist. They also collected data on human anatomy and use them as infrastructure for all their designs. The result is ergonomic pillows that work in harmony with your body. So it was made to be perfectly fit for your body shape and size. It’s made to protect your head, neck, shoulders, spine, and thighs. At the same time, it brings the best comfort your body needs after a long day.



You can even select the best pillow that fits you according to your height, weight and sleeping position. So amazed by the result. I think I’m going to get myself a Jay pillow. How about you? Try it for yourself here.


There are lots of varities to choose from and here are some of them:


Orthocurve Pillow is designed to balance the muscles by giving them good snugly support. It reaches out to C7 and enforce good support on your muscles.  Its precise curve and edge snuggly fit your head neck and shoulders.


Nine Pillow supports you from head to leg, wrap you in correct spine alignment. The pillow is designed to support important parts of your body simultaneously. Work well for side sleepers who often lacks supports


Go for Jay Pillow, if you’re less than 165 cm tall. Jay supports you as much as Nine pillow, only you get even more snuggle fit with Jay if you are less than 165 cm tall.



As for me, here’s my experience sleeping with Mr. Big. I had the most comfortable sleep the entire night, knowing that my body gets protected and my posture gets corrected. Getting a snooze is now different with Mr. Big.

Have you experienced waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Check out what pillow you’re using and maybe it’s the reason why you’re snapping on everyone.

Remember, Mr. Big is available only in selected SM Home. For a chance to win exciting prizes from Mr. Big, check out their Facebook page here or visit their website here.

You, too, can finally get a chance to bring out the “sleeping beauty” in you. So get your own Mr. Big Pillows now.



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