Cre8 Salon now in the South!


Crowning glory – it’s commonly used to describe your hair because well, it deserves the title. It’s one of the first things people notice about you. Aside from the way you carry your dress, how we do our hair says a lot about us. It’s our self-expression and our boost of confidence. So keeping away the “bad hair day” is something very important.

Taking care of our gorgeous hair needs help from the best salon that can give the best treatment for us.

As for me, I badly need a consistent maintenance for my white hair that tends to get frizzy. Ikr, it’s a problem when overlooked.



Last July 19, Friday, Cre8 Salon opens another branch at Robinsons Galleria San Pedro, Laguna. It was a privilege to get invited and try out their services. They’re full-service salon that’s budget friendly, but provides high-end service, thanks to their professionally-trained stylists and staf. They also have partnership with L’Oreal and ORLY, so their products are also a top-notch. As of now, they have 35 branches nationwide! Woah!



I was welcomed by Ms. Carmen, who was very pleasant and offered me an iced tea and water.

As I entered their fully-equipped salon, I noticed how clean their facility is. Their theme color also looked vibrant and lively. The perfect lighting was also an added value for me because my migraine gets easily triggered with harsh lighting. Despite a lot of customers inside the salon, it still looked spacious and cozy. Their Instagram-worthy waiting area was also remarkable! Hello to all Millenial Moms! LOL!



I was headed to the shampoo area before the treatment. I was given a Keratin Smoothing Treatment that restores the structure of each strand of hair follicles from damages. The treatment makes hair look smooth, shiny, and frizz free. Oh, that was the perfect treatment for me. According to the hairstylist who attended to me, this treatment usually takes 2-3 hours to finish depending on the hair length.

When thinking of what treatment to get for your hair, I bet it’s best to leave it to the hairstylists. They know better. So getting a consultation with their hairstylist is a must because they know which hair type you fall into and they understand your styling needs, too. Also, remember that what works for me may not work for others.

So asking what would be the best for you is necessary. I was thankful to Ms. Monessa, my then stylist because she was explaining things to me while doing my hair. She gave tips on how to take care of my hair and even hair colors that may look good on me. She seems to know well, plus she made me feel comfortable. After the treatment, my hair was straightened out.



What makes my experience more exciting is that they offer organic hair color! Yaaasss! Momshies, organic!! Can’t wait to get my hair dye soon here. They also provide hair root touch-up. They’ll simply dye your hair roots so you don’t need to have everything dyed, which I was so used to. My stylist said it may be the reason why my hair tends to get dry. This is a thousand points for them. I think it’s important they explain such things because it goes to show that they really consider what your needs are.




They also offered me their Peppermint Foot Spa. This picture below shows such a great space saver. They got a little sink that shows up when the chair gets moved. Pretty cool, right?




They also have a television for entertainment during the foot spa. It was really relaxing, especially because the massage therapist was really good.




All in all, I enjoyed their services and will definitely go back to have my hair color as advised. My friendly stylist was so good that I felt totally comfortable. She was very gentle and was focused on what she was doing. After the treatment, my hair became much smoother and had a glowy and vibrant effect. It was really perfect for a dinner date with my husband right after.




Here’s the list of their services and other products that you should definitely give a try.





If you need to have a makeover, Cre8 Salon is the right place for you. So, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get updated with their exciting promos and discounts.

Make sure to also try their Cysteine Shaping Treatment, make an appointment today at Robinsons Galleria South Branch at 3rd Floor, #335 Wellness Zone, KM 31, National Highway, Brgy. Nueva, San Pedro, Laguna.



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