#MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime with Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste


Hello Mommies! It’s the time of the year again! And you know what that means: gifts, parties and foods! And for our little ones, sweeeets!

You know how kids loooooove sweets! I mean, who doesn’t right? As a cool mom (Char!) I allow them to eat sweet foods as long as they would brush their teeth right after. Maybe that’s the trick to make it easier to convince them to brush their teeth! (JUST KIDDING!) I may be such a lucky mom since we don’t have to do a brawl just to teach them proper hygiene! Whew!

MOMSTERPIECE TIP: Always start them young! We started using a finger silicon toothbrush for them to develop a daily routine.

And now, I must say, it’s all worth it! What makes it easier and fun is by using Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste. It’s like giving them a treat with their flavored toothpaste. I’m sure your kids will enjoy it too. Our kids have been a Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste user ever since. In fact, Ate Jazz loves Strawberry Bloom. Yasss! That’s why we are so happy to receive these Hapee Mail!  (Never meant for it to rhyme! LOL!)



I love that this Hapee Box contains one cute owl- timer. Because just like Ate Jazz said on the video below: You have to brush your teeth 3x a day, for 2 minutes! Now with this timer, we can easily monitor them.



So many goodies, right! Even Ate Jazz was sooo surprised!



Using Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste really helps our kids’ teeth healthy. It’s very gentle on their gums and provides cavity protection. With just the right amount of fluoride, I know that my kids’ oral health is safe and sound.



They still can’t get enough of Hapee Kiddie Flavored Toothpaste!


Watch Ate Jazz full video here:



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  • Michelle Anne Tumulak

    my daughter loves hapee toothpaste too!

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