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Hi everyone! I recently added my profile on my blog! Check out how Momsterpiece started and the story of my journey!

A proud mom of two and a wife of a web developer, I juggle my family time and my crafting.

Just like most moms, I found myself documenting the milestone of my firstborn and that led me to digital scrap booking. This quickly turned into a passion and later, Momsterpiece came into being.


Keeping memories of my journey to motherhood

Time flies but I can freeze it

Afterwards, I discovered there’s more to digital scrapbooking and so I bought my first cutting machine. Then, my second child was born. I became busy with my kids, but I made sure I get to practice my crafting skills. What better way to practice crafting than in my own kids’ parties?

So kiddie party invites became my “specialty” thanks to my being a mom. I personalized every project I make, bringing my best effort to meet each client’s demands.

Made with a sense of wonder and passion

As I continued my paper crafting, I got more acquainted with designing and different types of fonts. I then decided to create my own one. Thus, I tried calligraphy.

It was Lai Reyes-Geluz (Made by Lai) who became my first mentor in calligraphy. I learned the basics of pointed pen and brush calligraphy from her. Her lovely calligraphy style looked so effortless to make and that really had me in awe. I practiced a lot and decided to explore calligraphy even more. Thanks to Sienne Lim (Inkcatcher) and her elegant swirls, I somehow managed to grasp the techniques in flourishing.

I also attended Watercolor Doodle Workshop from Tippy Go (Googley Goeys), where I learned to paint with watercolor, which would perfectly helped me in my brush calligraphy.

Also, when Master Penman Michael Sull visited Manila in April 2016, I grabbed the chance to join his workshop. Truly, it was a chance in a lifetime and I felt happy and honored to have met the guru.




With calligraphy and paper crafting skills I’m trying to master, I realized it would be best to try creative planning, too, so as to practice both at the same time. Not only did I become more productive with my planners, I also got more creative.

Mixed Media Journal

Creative planning is Life

There’s still a long way to go ahead of me and I’m sure it’ll be exciting! Now, I’m busy gearing myself up for more beautiful surprises, always reminding my self to be my best self every day.


Thanks for reading, everyone! I’m so excited for the freebies I’ll be giving out! Just wait for my announcement! Hope you’re excited, too!

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