The month of June is here again and soon enough, the ringing of wedding bells are heard from here and there. And at once, we all believe in magic and happy endings. Wed or not, you deserve a fairytale of your own. Your wedding day is one[…]

    Saying “Yes!” to your partner’s proposal is just half the story of your soon-to-wed days. Getting married requires a lot of decisions to make, from the motif to the best bridal gown. It’s a no-joke. You want to make sure your big day turns out as[…]

  Cupid’s ready to shoot the magical arrow once again as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Either romantic advertisements or #hugot will soon pop up your social media. To celebrate (or not) with you this heart season, here’s a free pillow box cutting file I made[…]

    This year, BDJ made yet another inspiring theme, “Make Today magical”. As the BDJ Founder, Ms. Dar noted on her introductory message, “What if – what if everything you touch turns to magic? What will you touch? What will you do, starting today?”   And boom![…]

  Hi again, lovelies! Summer has already started! Yay! Don’t you love it when you have all the time to spend with your family and friends. What’s more perfect timing to have is the SM Stationery Art Fest this weekend. Whether you’re an art lover or just want[…]

Last time, I shared how I got into journaling and I had been wondering then where I can find a planner that would give me a soft nudge to do the tasks that are needed to be done. Then, I found Belle de Jour Power Planner – my[…]

    Creative planning can be a lonesome task, sometimes, but it’s a different story when you seek like-minded people. Meeting people face to face is a lot more fun and can even boost your creativity. I meet my planner sisters from time to time to catch up[…]

  Hello everyone! It’s love month and it’s such a great reminder for us to focus on what we love. Hope you get all the love in the world, not only today, but in all days ahead! Also, remember to love yourself and show love to others, too.[…]

  Why I do what I do? In this time of social media hype, we are often caught up with too much noise online. Even in real life, I know for sure how stressful life can be. So we better have one thing to keep us balanced. For[…]

  I’m so happy to share to you lovelies that I was invited by Paper Mate last Words and Letters at National Book Store Shangri-La Plaza Mall. So to give back, I will be running a giveaway! One lucky winner will win one pack of Paper Mate Inkjoy[…]